Drains and Plumbing

Tile-EZ Eliminates Plumbing Constraints

Tile-EZ was designed from the onset to insure any tile pan installation was achievable and would be efficient regardless of the plumbing. Custom placement of drain openings virtually anywhere in a Tile-EZ pan eliminates the need to move plumbing, saving time and money. Multiple drains available in a Tile-EZ pan addresses the compliance with adequate water discharge in certain shower applications involving multiple shower heads and sprays. An integrated trough system designed not to leak with no assembly or sealing in the field is available with the Tile-EZ patent-pending OST design. For drain connections, Tile-EZ Shower Pans provide the most comprehensive options than any other manufacturer to insure any installation is made possible regardless of (1) piping material and (2) access to the plumbing. Learn more.