Design Overview

ANGÉ Tile-EZ Shower Pans, available in standard and custom sizes, provide the most comprehensive solution for achieving a guaranteed water-tight tiled shower pan in both commercial and residential shower installations. The Tile-EZ Pan is a complete, one-piece, code-compliant, mildew-resistant, long-term sustainable receptor made with a proprietary light-weight durable solid composite designed for tile applications. All Tile-EZ Pans including ones with Tile-EZ Integrated Seats incorporate an integral flange system that requires no sealing or assembly in the field, and are guaranteed not to leak. Tile-EZ Seats are designed for loads in excess of 1,000 lbs. The Tile-EZ Pan system includes a proprietary Tile-EZ Drain which incorporates a secondary weep draining system, and Tile-EZ Approved water-based, high quality thin-set (available through our resellers).

Tile-EZ Standard Pan sizes, available for immediate project needs, include the Tile-EZ larger 4-1/2 inch curb for use with standard 6 inch marble sills. Standard size pans that have center drain placements are designed where the drain is centered on the inside of the pan after the application of tile. For a complete list of standard sizes and specifications, click here.

Tile-EZ Pans are available barrier free in either a Traditional Design (TD) which incorporates a multi-slope system and round drain(s), or a patent-pending One-Slope Trough (OST) design. Click here to learn more.

Tile-EZ has virtually unlimited capability in manufacturing custom sizes, non-standard shapes and designs, including

  • Custom drain placements including multiple drains
  • Multiple Curbs including double and triple thresholds
  • Pans with Integrated Seats
  • Neo Shapes with one, two or three curbs
  • Partial curbs for use with adjacent knee or full privacy walls
  • Neo Shapes and Out-of-Square design and applications

For Custom Design Options and Ideas, click here.