Custom Shower Pans

Tile-EZ Custom Shower Pans

ANGÉ Tile-EZ Custom Shower Pans provide the most comprehensive solution for achieving a guaranteed water-tight tiled shower pan for both commercial and residential shower installations involving non-standard applications with size, drain placements, and design. Tile-EZ has virtually unlimited capability in manufacturing any size or shape for a shower application. The following, although not comprehensive, provides the most common options available in a Tile-EZ Custom Pan to achieve your custom application.

Drain Placements – Placing the drain opening anywhere eliminates the need to move plumbing, saving time and money with a custom drain placement in a Tile-EZ Shower Pan.

Curb Sizes – For custom shower pan applications Tile-EZ Pans offer three tier options for curb sizes:

  1. 3-¼” Small Curb … Included at no charge on any custom Tile-EZ shower pan, the Tile-EZ Small Curb provides the most universal design for achieving the maximum interior space of a shower pan with an attractive size for capping either with tile or marble sills.
  2. 4-½” Large Curb … At a slight up-charge, a 4-½” curb permits a larger surface area ideal for capping with standard 6″ marble sills. The Tile-EZ Large Curb design also is ideal for partial curbs with adjacent privacy and knee walls. Learn More
  3. Custom Designs … Any curb size or shape to further maximize interior shower space or modify the height of the barrier specified by an architect or designer can be incorporated on a Tile-EZ Custom Shower Pan.

ADA / Barrier Free Options – For custom shower pan applications Tile-EZ Pans are available barrier free in both its Traditional Design (TD) or its sleek, One-Slope Trough (OST) design. Learn More

Custom Seats – For ADA, special needs and luxury shower applications, Tile-EZ Custom Shower Pans are available with an integrated seat feature in both a bench and corner design that provides a guaranteed water-tight seat in a tiled shower application. An integrated Tile-EZ seat incorporates a Tile-EZ riser and a horizontal Tile-EZ seating surface with a slight pitch to permit the adequate run off of water during a shower. Load capacities are in excess of 1,000 lbs! Learn More

Multiple Drains and Seats … For extra large commercial showers and luxury “water retreat” residential showers involving multiple water jets and jumbo rain heads, Tile-EZ Shower Pans are available with multiple drains to permit the adequate discharge of water flow. Multiple Tile-EZ integrated seats are available to provide users maximum comfort and functionality in both luxury and special need applications.

Non-Standard Designs & Custom Shapes – Tile-EZ Shower Pans have virtually unlimited capability in manufacturing custom sizes with non-standard shapes or designs, including

  1. Multiple Curbs including double and triple thresholds
  2. Neo Shapes with one, two or three curbs
  3. Partial front curbs for adjacent knee or full privacy walls
  4. Out-of-Square design and applications

Guaranteed Not to Leak and Easy to Install

Tile-EZ Custom Shower Pan Product Features include:

  • Pre-sloped design with integrated curb(s) and flange system – Guaranteed not to Leak!
  • Optional integrated seats with integrated flange system – Guaranteed not to Leak!
  • Unlimited design flexibility with size, drain placement, and shape.
  • Easy-to-use water based thin-set (Tile-EZ Approved) is used for setting tile directly on Tile-EZ curbs, seats, and pan surfaces. No epoxies or time-sensitive tile setting materials are required.
  • Easy Drain Connection – PVC Glue-In Drain Assembly Included with round chrome strainer (optional strainer finishes available)
  • Optional compression drain connection (PVC or brass) is available for slab installations and for other installations where access to plumbing is limited.
  • No liner, special adhesives, or mud setting required for installation.